Friday, July 2, 2010

Stars and Stripes

We're really being given a chance to implement Buzz Hollings 'Work Hard, Play Harder' philosophy this week. After yesterday's pancake feast we were tantalised by the offerings of the American contingent: hamburgers, hotdogs, brownies, popcorn and apple pie.

Carl directed this occasion with an exuberant flare and earned the nickname Captain America, pictured here with our YSSP co-ordinator Sheila.

The program today included lots of food, games and a quiz on obscure American History (Ben, Sheila and I came second after a tie-breaker), take that all lecturers who said informative guessing doesn't work on exams :)

The games made for every interesting viewing: water toss, 3 legged race and dizzy bat. The first two probably don't need any explanation but dizzy bat is rather strange. Its a relay race where each team member has to run to a pole, out their forehead on the top of the pole and run around the pole 6 (or however many specified) times and then run back to your team. Many a person starts running after the circles and suddenly the ground comes up to meet them, very amusing to watch. I got to be a team judge (which meant no embarrassing moments).

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