Saturday, July 31, 2010

Recreating the African experience

Recreating the African experience (or how not to shop). The organisers of Africa Day went shopping for ingredients on Friday afternoon in what should have been a fairly organised experience. People know I do not have the best of patiences at the best of times, but chaos grates on my nerves instantly.

We ended up in the chaotic landscape of communal decisions but distributed buying, a major mismatch of methodology. This was also done on African time, as in take your time. Those of you who don't know the idea behind African time, count yourself very lucky especially if you're a punctual person.

The elephant on the right is an old version of the poster I posted last week. I think its super cute but the rest of the Africa Day crowd didn't want to promote Africa that it is just about animals. I have nothing against promoting the richness of the natural resources in Africa, in fact I think we should celebrate it.

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