Monday, July 12, 2010

Paper Review

I've been approached to do my first ever paper review. Now normally I would cringe at the thought of more work but at the moment other people's work is looking far more interesting than doing mine.

Obviously I can't say who, what or where for but I can say that I now realise you need to be very well read to actually do a review properly.

The process did however remind me of the PhD Comic: Paper Review Worksheet.

In other news we had a visit from the Franz-Schubert-Instituts bei Wien for the morning. A group of YSSP participants strolled around the Schlosspark and had lunch with the group. The purpose: For art to meet Science. They even got a Schloss tour which the YSSP group didn't including the ballroom and breakfast room off the director's office.

As the sun sets over Laxenburg I have discovered something awesome: the IIASA wireless works all the way to the busstop :) That means you can sit and catch while waiting for the bus...or do work.

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