Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oh the 80s

As I child of the 80s I wasn't really around for the major musical developments of the time but it seems I caught enough the highlights to survive 80s night fairly well. Chelsea in Vienna has an 80s night on alternating Fridays. I decided to brave 'clubbing' in Vienna and check it out with what turned out to be half of the YSSP and some of the younger IIASA staff.

There is nothing like signing along to Billy Idol, Bonnie Tyler and Kenny Loggins at the top of your voice and I will be continuing in "Holding Out For A Hero" for the foreseeable future :P

Backtracking a bit, the Turkish restaurant Kent was the venue of choice for dinner and their food is definitely worth the 'trek'. We ordered so much food as everything on the menu looked so yummy. I'd definitely be keen to go back, their Hummus is to die for.

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