Monday, July 5, 2010

What makes us African?

The YSSP social program has financed various cultural days (Scandinavia, American, Canadian, Asian) over the Summer. This year we have enough students to create an African day. We were very enthusiastic but then I started thinking of South Africa and my cultural heritage. I'm African, I've lived in Africa all my life but to the Europeans I'm not really considered African, I don't speak an African language, don't wear traditional/tribal dress and don't have a traditional what makes me African?

Any thoughts?

So far for South African things I got: braai, koeksisters, babootie, springbokkies and wine (though I don't think the budget stretches that far).

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Elisabeth-Marie said...

I had some nice South African food, think it was called poike or something like it. Basically layers of veggies and possibly sausage or meat, don't quite remember, that was cooking slowly on a mbaula. Very nice :)

Oh, and I totally see you as African btw...